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A paper put forward in 2008 postulated the most likely group to benefit after it looked at the ability of potential telugu brides or grooms to be found using the help of the Internet. It showed that marriage rates in telugu community could be increased and is greatest especially for those who had difficulty meeting potential brides/grooms or for those who found themselves in smaller pools as they can now find each other easily using Telugu Matrimony

The way relationships are sought out or the way romance is established has been transformed in particular due to smartphones and digital technology. This is very much prevalent in Telugu community of south India. Mobile dating apps or online matrimony sites have been reportedly used by many in the Telugu community today. But this wasn’t the case with the results from a 2005 pool carried out by the Pew Research Center – numbers were lower at this time.

Also, in a study funded by a top matrimony site, the internet helped approximately a third of Telugu people living in south India and living abroad to meet their life partner. It showed that marriages that started this way were found to be more satisfying in the Telugu Community than the ones that started offline and that divorce was less likely to occur.

Just over 19,000 couples were examined in a study to learn about satisfaction and marital status for the Telugu Brides and Grooms who got married between 2005 and 2015. Results show that just over one-third of the poll met online and close to half met through the use of online Telugu Matrimony platforms. Right now, there is a positive outlook towards online Telugu Matrimony Sites as about half the public say they have come in contact with someone who via online Telugu Matrimony met a partner or a spouse.

As at 2005 when it was first studied, most people viewed online Telugu Matrimony as a way of meeting people as subpar. However, numbers have continued to increase over the past decade even as others say they got married by using other platforms like e-mail, chat rooms, and social media among others. The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The report also compared the rate of divorce and showed a lower percentage for couples who met using social networking platforms.

Another research shows that this may be the result of interactions being more honest when they were done online using Telugu Matrimony Sites and that having a large pool of prospective partners made sure that you had a lot to choose from and would most likely settle for the partner that suited your personality as finding a long-term mate was likely the focus of using online Telugu Matrimony sites.

What seems clear from all the research is that the stigma that came with online Telugu Matrimony is lost and that meeting people using social networks seem to be a good thing. On average, this shows that marital satisfaction is slightly higher if you meet a spouse online using Telugu Matrimony . The results are quite encouraging even though the outcome in matrimony is influenced by several factors.

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